Monday, October 15, 2007

the new outfit I bought my wife...

Christina Binkley in the WSJ on the new styles modeled in Paris earlier this month. This excerpt was some combination of amusing and interesting. And then, at the bottom, I've pasted in the outfit I bought my wife. (Hint: It's the one that looks like it was attacked by a pack of wild dogs.)

Martin Margiela is so anti-commercial that his clothes bear no discernible labels, just a white tag and perhaps a number. Yet he sent each model down his catwalk on Monday in sunglasses that he will introduce in February. In the darkest of the four shades that will be available, the glasses, called “Incognito,” mimic the black strip that Mr. Margiela places across his models’ eyes in photographs, suggesting that we should be looking at the clothes rather than the model.

The shades were a neat insider’s reference to Mr. Margiela’s reticence about publicity. But they’re also likely to generate sales — just as Maison Martin Margiela expands its own stores all over the world. The Italian-made sunglasses consist of a swath of UV-protecting, lightweight “injected polycarbonate.” They are way cool-looking. And they are not nearly as avant-garde as Margiela’s jackets, whose pointy shoulders are perfectly constructed and as identifiable as a logo — but strange enough that many department stores choose to abandon Margiela to gutsy independent shops. While the sunglasses’ look is extreme, statement sunglasses sell far better than statement clothes.



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