Monday, August 13, 2007

another (smarter) C-J letter-writer on education

OK, this guy gets it.

Time for vouchers

It seems that now would be the time for school vouchers. By giving the vouchers to the children, there would be no separation of church and state involved. I know there are many World War II veterans who took advantage of the GI Bill of Rights. That is one of the reasons our country is so great now: diversified education.

Louisville 40299

If monies follow the parent/student, instead of automatically going to a monopoly provider, competition is bound to be an improvement over a producer dealing with a captive audience (especially those in the lower and middle classes).

The analogy to the G.I. Bill is important since it decimates the red herring of state/church separation in this matter. (Church/state separation is widely misunderstood, but that's a post for a different day.) Could a G.I. take his education voucher to Notre Dame? Can a Medicare patient get served in a church-supported hospital? Of course...


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