Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the trouble with Harry

No, not Harry Reid...the Hitchcock film!

On our most recent date night, Tonia and I saw "The Trouble with Harry" last weekend at The Palace as part of their summer-long Hitchcock series. The acoustics were surprisingly bad, but it was a clever, funny film-- a "black comedy" with a mystery twist. John Forsythe stars (at age 36); this was Shirley McLaine's first film (at age 20); and it features some of Jerry Mathers "early" (pre-Beave) work (at age 6).

We were both surprised by the "sexual content" of the movie-- no nudity, but some innuendo, a handful of double entendres, and Forsythe's character asking to paint McLaine in the nude upon first meeting her. For those who see the 1950s as an idyllic time, it's clear that the culture was not quite pure even then.

The film was entertaining and well-crafted, but I'd easily recommend Rear Window, North by Northwest, and Vertigo as superior efforts.


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