Thursday, September 13, 2007

the changing Libertarian vote-- for the major parties

From David Boaz (Cato Institute) and David Kirby (America's Future Foundation)
(hat tip: Chuck Muth)

"For those on the trail of the elusive swing voter, it may be most notable that the libertarian vote shifted sharply in 2004. Libertarians preferred George W. Bush over Al Gore by 72 to 20 percent, but Bush's margin dropped in 2004 to 59-38 over John Kerry. Congressional voting showed a similar swing from 2002 to 2004.

"Libertarians apparently became disillusioned with Republican overspending, social intolerance, civil liberties infringements, and the floundering war in Iraq. The libertarian vote is in play. At some 13 percent of the electorate, it is sizable enough to swing elections. Pollsters, political strategists, candidates, and the media should take note of it."

It'd be interesting to know how that bloc voted in the 2006 Congressional elections. Since 2004, I imagine that they've probably been torn between more of the same from Republicans and since they've gone into power, aggressive and annoying aggravations from the Democrats.

Where can one go to find politicians who don't see a rapidly growing federal government as the solution to every problem?


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