Saturday, December 8, 2007

the C-J's mission

It took about a month, but I finally got an administrative assistant at the C-J to send me their mission statement. After seeing them try to influence Louisville's library referendum so overtly, it got me a-wonderin'... At least for the editorialists, the mission seems to be influence more than inform-- mostly through bashing some of their opponents on pet issues-- such as young-earth creationism and Clarence Thomas.

Anyway, here's their mission:

We will be a vibrant and profitable information company that is easy to do business with. We are dedicated to evolving and growing with the communities and audiences we serve.We will provide innovative products and services that connect buyers and sellers and help our advertisers be wildly successful. Our collaborative spirit will create a place where talented people want to be.

Mission statements are notoriously high on gobbledygook, but this one is above average in that regard. There is also nothing here, at least directly, about its editorial function. It's all about customers and their employees-- how very capitalistic of them...


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