Thursday, December 13, 2007

choose a title for this (funny) blog entry

From an AP story in the C-J...

Mark Littell believes he has a better way to protect your boys, and, as his YouTube video shows, the former major leaguer will risk his manhood to prove it.

Perched on a wooden pallet, Littell braces himself as assistants aim the barrel of a pitching machine between his legs. On cue, the machine fires a baseball that smacks Littell right in the -- well, you know -- with a resounding "whomp."

Littell stands and flexes his muscles, unfazed.

"Yes sir, folks," he says into the camera. "The Nutty Buddy: It's mean, it's tough, and it's right there for ya, every time."

Littell, 54, said nine seasons with the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals helped him design an athletic cup that's ahead of the competition. The challenge is to convince ball players that a good cup is worth the extra money.

At $19.95, the device is about twice as much as a typical athletic cup.

"All people have to do is try it," he said.

The primary advantage to the Nutty Buddy is that it's anatomically correct, Littell said, which makes it more comfortable. Unlike traditional shell-shaped cups, the Nutty Buddy is wider, deeper and full of curves.

Littell is betting parents will pony up the extra cash in hopes the better fit will get their sons to wear cups more often.

In case their kids need encouraging, Littell's cups come with macho names: "Hammer," "Boss," "Hog" and, for really big men, the XL-sized "Mongo."

Littell made his first prototype with two golf balls and a moldable plastic for splints. He's now sunk $40,000 of his money into refining his model and applying for patents.

And -- as the YouTube video proves -- Littell is standing by his product.

"Let's get the CEO of every cup company," he said. "You put your cup on, and I'll put my cup on, and we'll see who's left standing."

There's also a YouTube video on his appearance on Fox & Friends.

Other potential titles to this blog entry:
a.) Don't leave home (plate) without it.
b.) Isn't that the name of an ice cream product?
c.) It's not just for breakfast anymore.
d.) Is $19.95 too much to spend to protect your boys' future?
e.) For those of you in Louisville, I don't want to see Darryl Isaacs wearing "the hammer".
f.) Dude...
g.) Science projects with two golf balls and some plastic you have lying around the house.
h.) You have to be nutty, buddy, to try this.
i.) This will make any man cross his legs reflexively.


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