Saturday, December 8, 2007

(part of) the life of an academic...

With most jobs, it is difficult to explain to people what one does with most of their time. Being a professor is no different.

Of course, time in the classroom gets the most attention. Connected to that are related, behind-the-scenes activities: prep for a course, prep for each class session, office hours and grading. (As a colleague of mine once said: I teach for free; they pay me to grade.)

Then, one might think about research and writing-- everything from academic journal articles to op-ed pieces for a newspaper.

Finally, there's service. This comes in all shapes and sizes in-house-- at the university, campus, school, and discipline levels. Then, throw in a smattering of community and professional service. And you've got yourself a professor's responsibilities.

Right now, I'm getting crunched by two responsibilities: First, I'm chairing a search committee for a new economist (to replace a retiring colleague). We have about 70 applicants-- a lot of paperwork to look over-- and will interview next month in New Orleans. Second, I'm on the "campus review committee"-- the third level of review for promotion cases. We have 12 of those this year-- again, a lot of reading. So, I'm sorry I haven't blogged much recently, but...

And oh yes, then there's final exams next week!


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