Friday, December 21, 2007

Romney misses op on vouchers

From Carrie Lukas in the Heartland Institute's School Reform News (a longer version appeared in National Review Online)...

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) had an opportunity to help deliver a victory at the ballot box in Utah in November, when voters decided whether to repeal the state’s universal school voucher program....

[Statewide] Vouchers have a poor track record at the ballot box....

Romney was uniquely positioned to lend a helping hand: His popularity in a state where more than 60 percent of citizens share his religion is obvious. While on the campaign trail, Romney has stated he supports school choice and vouchers. Skeptics might note that as governor, vouchers were not a priority for Romney.

The Utah initiative gave Romney the opportunity to prove his bona fides as a strong school voucher supporter at a critical time. By urging his supporters to give this program a chance, he could ensure that more parents control where their kids go to school and help Utah become a national model for universal school choice.

Hey, maybe Romney should have received the NEA's endorsement instead of Huckabee!


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