Friday, December 21, 2007

tidbits on politics from Harpers

The Harpers Index is a limited but interesting monthly pile of data. From December's list...

On contributions to 2008 presidential campaigns:
-from the oil & gas industries: $1,727,000

-from the education industry: $6,406,000

-rank of Ron Paul among Republican candidates receiving the most money from U.S. service members: #1

Other stuff:
-% of Democrats who think Hillary is proposing to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq within a year: 76%

-estimated annual income from panhandling in Las Vegas: $24 million

-estimated % of the world's male smokers who live in the U.S. vs. China: 3% vs. 31%

-estimated % of the world's female smokers who live in the U.S. vs. China: 8% vs. 7%

And just in time for Christmas...
-estimated annual losses from not redeeming gift cards: $8 billion


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