Monday, December 24, 2007

twice-a-year church attenders

Yesterday morning, we enjoyed worship at the Indiana campus of St. Stephen Church.

We typically go to Southeast Christian Church. But for Christmas Eve and Easter, we attend other churches-- either with family or another local church. On those busier weekends, Southeast cancels Sunday School classes to ease traffic, increase the volunteer pool, etc. Since I don't have to teach those weekends, there's far less need for us to go. And since our small group isn't meeting-- where we have such tight community-- there's far less interest in going.

The irony of all this is that we end up as the opposite of the caricature of a cultural Christian-- only attending "their" church on Easter and Christmas!

If that's your practice, I'm sure God's "glad to see you" twice a year, but He'd probably enjoy seeing you more than that! And if you don't enjoy church more than twice a year, that says something about you and/or your church. For the New Year, how about being the sort of person-- and attending the sort of church-- where being in worship and community more regularly would be more hedonistic for you?


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