Thursday, December 13, 2007

a (very) busy week

Sorry I haven't blogged much recently.

In addition to finals this week, we've had my wife's sister's family in-town for two weeks (from Puerto Rico for the first time in two years). But my biggest time-hogs this week have been two service assignments that happen to come due at the same time and with a tight timeframe: the Campus Review Committee and our Search & Screen committee for a new economist to replace a retiring colleague.

Most aspects of academia have considerable schedule flexibility-- one of the greatest attributes of a university career. There are notable exceptions-- for example, when one appears in class or meetings. There are some activities with a degree of flexibility-- for example, when grading gets done. And typically, the workload is not overwhelming and structured.

But this week is different.

In the CRC, we have 14 dossiers to review-- in evaluating their candidacy for promotion to senior lecturer, associate professor, or full professor.

In the Econ search committee, we have 91 applicant files to review (with vita, teaching evaluations, research papers, letters of recommendation, etc.)-- trying to decide which 20 (or so) to interview at a conference in New Orleans in January.

Whew! Almost done...and then I can turn to editing the next issue of Indiana Policy Review-- on property taxes.


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