Thursday, February 7, 2008

an end-- or at least a brief respite-- from the fiscal madness

Now, the Senate decides not to go more spendthrift than the House-- not a majority of them, mind you, but a filibuster-proof proportion...

From this morning's C-J, news that Senate Republicans will not support the extra $44 billion that the House wanted to add to the President's profligate pecuniary "stimulus" package...

The fate of $600-$1,200 rebate checks for 100 million Americans is in limbo after Senate Democrats failed yesterday to add $44 billion in help for senior citizens, the unemployed, disabled veterans and big business to the House-passed economic-aid package.

How about a little mention of the fate of future taxpayers who would pick up the proposed tab? Nope...Government activism is all benefits and no costs-- what's new (or what's "news")?

Republicans banded together to block the $205 billion plan from advancing, leaving Democrats the choice of quickly accepting a House bill they have said is inadequate or risk being blamed for delaying a measure designed as a shot in the arm for the economy.

"Designed to be"....uh-huh...

The tally was 58-41 to end debate on the Senate measure, just short of the 60 votes Democrats needed to move the bill to a final vote. Eight Republicans -- four of them up for re-election this year -- joined Democrats to back the plan, bucking GOP leaders and President Bush, who objected to the add-ons.


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