Friday, February 29, 2008

me sick, me blog

Prolific blogging from me the last two days...The occasion?

First, I have more spare time right now. My schedule is lightening up, with the end of my accelerated pre-MBA course. So, I hope to keep a more vigorous blog-pace between now and the Fall when I return to the classroom full-time and my congressional campaign is rolling.

But the biggie: I'm sick! Fever for three nights in a row (first time in forever!) along with cough, congestion and general achiness. This morning, the doctor tested me for strep and the flu, but nada. (Earlier, we found out that Zach has strep.) So, the doc said that it's probably a four-day virus that's going around. I'm on day four now, so we'll see!

Anyway, I have to stay away from my kids for the most part-- and blogging doesn't require as much thinking as other writing projects-- so I'm going to continue working methodically through my blogging pile.


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