Sunday, February 10, 2008

From Susan Olasky in World...

Want to learn about people in places far from you physically or spiritually?, a project of the World Missions Atlas Project, is a user-friendly site that asks all of us to "pause and explore God's creation. You will find peoples and languages interwoven, producing rich cultures, all sharing a need for a Savior. God may lead you to pray, give, or go to a specific place."

If you are adept at using GoogleEarth and a spreadsheet, you can take the next step by creating new maps that display Christian needs and opportunities. Just as GoogleEarth can be used to plot the distribution of fast-food restaurants across the United States, so volunteers who go to can now learn about and show the present day status of Christianity in different countries and cities: "We will provide the data, you provide the map in order to help others help the world!"


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