Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus as the perfect sacrifice

As a preparation for Good Friday and Easter, for the last two weeks in Sunday School, I've taught on Leviticus-- mostly, on the sacrificial system in general (chapters 1-7) and on the Day of Atonement in particular (chapter 16).

Chapter 1's "burnt offering" was a voluntary expression of complete dedication to God. As a type of Christ, it represents his life and death in complete dedication to God's will.

Chapter 2's "grain offering" was another voluntary offering meant to thank God for life and the provision of our daily needs. As a type of Christ, it represents his perfect life

Chapter 3's "peace" or "fellowship" offering was also voluntary and was unique in that the offerer ate much of the results in fellowship with God and others. As a type of Christ, it represents the Christian truth that He is the only way to fellowship with God.

Chapters 4-5's "sin offering" was required as a picture for dealing with unintentional sin (4:2). Pre-meditated sin required waiting for the Day of Atonement (Lev 16) or unspecified mercy from God (Ps 32, 51). As a type of Christ, it represents His death as payment for our sin (Rom 8:3, I Jn 2:2a, II Cor 5:21).

Chapter 5-6's "guilt offering" was similar to the sin offering except that it dealt with (direct) sin against others and restitution was involved. As a type of Christ, it signifies His death as payment for the damage caused by sin (Is 53:10).

What are/were the limits of the sacrificial system

-limited to inadvertent sins (except Day of Atonement)

-limited in scope and duration; except for Day of Atonement, one per past sin (Heb 10:1-4)

-limited to dealing with sin; does nothing about sin nature

-limited to covenant preservation and renewing relationship with an already-redeemed people

-worthless without faith and repentance-- outward action and inner attitude (26:31b; I Sam 15:22, Ps 40:6-8, 51:16-17, Pr 21:27, Is 1:11-17, Amos 5:21-24, Mic 6:6-8, Mk 12:33)

-not inherent thru animals, but what God ordained thru their sacrifice-- based on what would happen thru Christ (I Pet

Of course, the book of Hebrews details how Christ was the perfect high priest offering the perfect sacrifice-- in dealing with our sin and bringing us into (right) relationship with God, to give us eternal and abundant life.


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