Saturday, March 1, 2008

post #1000!

It's time to celebrate a landmark-- my 1000th blog posting!

I celebrated at #300 after two months. Since then, my pace has slowed down a bit, with #1000 coming after seven months.

Viewership has increased quite a bit.
According to
Average daily pageloads and average unique visitors:
-for the first three months: 72 and 47
-for the last four months: 167 and 132
-for all seven months: 125 and 95
-in February: 150 and 112

-The three top days were December 20-22, generated by other sites linking to my essay on Hoosier Eugenics (more later). More than 4,000 pageloads and 3,300 unique visitors over that three-day period. (That aberration blows up the averages that include this period.)

--If you're a blogger, have you linked to me yet?

--If you're a blog visitor, add comments so we can continue to develop this as a forum.

--If you've enjoyed SchansBlog, wake your kids and phone your neighbors-- to spread the good word. Or selectively send blog entries that might interest people you know.

At #300, I provided a Top Ten list of significant and representative blog entries to that point.

Now, for a new Top Ten-- of postings since #300...

10.) The posting that led to the most comments so far (23): on Lee Strobel's sermon at Southeast

9.) A book report/review of Nicholi's book on Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis

8.) The news that Business Week has rated IUS as the 18th-best part-time
MBA program in the country-- ahead of schools like Ohio State and Carnegie Mellon (and hundreds of other schools that were not ranked at all)

7.) A brief blog entry on the death of Richard McIntyre and a link to an article I had written about him and his sad contribution to Congressional history

6.) An RIP for Evel Knievel as well as his testimony about becoming a Christian toward the end of his life

5.) The Onion on Barbaro's hypothetical/satirical funeral (on the occasion of the first anniversary of the famed horse's death)...

4.) Multiple articles on "the year of pro-life cinema"-- a noteworthy (if not amazing) spurt in pro-life movies (without an explicit pro-life intent)

3.) Some funny stuff on marriage with news about what one church was doing to enhance marriage

2.) A recent essay on property taxes reform proposals (following my initial essay on PT's in the WSJ)

1.) My essay on Hoosier Eugenics. I had planned to write it for a few years, after recognizing that the centennial would be in 2007. Then, I procrastinated and didn't get around to writing in until December! Thankfully, I was finally able to get 'er done.


At March 2, 2008 at 8:53 AM , Blogger C. Hedges said...

Congratulations! It's always good to see growth in the Indiana blogosphere.

It also shows that it is important to keep blogging, especially during the early days when there aren't many readers. Write and they will come!


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