Thursday, March 6, 2008

thoughts from Theresa...

From Theresa Camoriano with Jefferson Review...

Sometimes I read or hear people say things that seem so outrageous that I wonder how anyone could actually say it or write it. Here are a few:

1. “It’s cruel to require a woman to see an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion.”
How can it be cruel for a person to be given enough information to make an informed decision? Is the person who makes this statement so pro-abortion that he doesn’t want a woman to be aware of what she is doing? Is he afraid she might decide against having an abortion if she realized that the fetus was more than just a glob of cells?

It reminds me of the insurance salesman who tried to sell me a whole life policy as I was graduating college. I said I wanted to discuss it with my father first, and he told me I was an adult and should be making my own decisions without having to ask anyone else. That sent all my red flags up. He obviously knew that he was trying to rip me off and that I was not likely to buy his product if I had the benefit of my father’s advice.

2. “It’s unfair and overly burdensome to require people to show a photo ID before voting.” The government requires us to show a picture ID before we can board an airplane. We have to show a photo ID to cash a check, to buy alcohol, and for many other normal activities. If someone says it is too burdensome to have to show a photo ID in order to vote, I have to wonder whether their real agenda is a desire to be able to commit vote fraud – to have one person vote several times or have non-existent or dead people vote.

3. “Meat packing houses are prohibited from having their own certification procedures, because government inspectors do a good job, and allowing separate certification procedures would be too burdensome on small meat-packing houses.” Especially after the recent huge beef recall, based on two-year-old photographs of horrible conditions in meat-packing houses, the government ought to acknowledge that it does a terrible job of protecting our meat and other food supplies and should permit private companies to make use of private certification procedures to give their customers security and peace of mind.

4. “We will be safer when we take guns away from the law-abiding citizens.” And when pigs fly.


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