Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a landmark for DC

Kurt and I celebrated a landmark for DC on Sunday evening: we took a roadie up I-71 to attend the first graduation for a DC group outside of Southeast. It happened at Christ's Church at Mason in Ohio-- with associate minister Max Boothby leading the way.

It was awesome to participate in their graduation ceremony-- and to hear about the Lord using DC to make a difference in more lives.

We started DC with two groups at Southeast in Fall 2002 and graduated the first group in May 2004. Kurt and I ran three more groups that graduated in May 2005. Since then, it's been graduates co-leading other groups. And now, we've got graduates of graduates co-leading groups.

There are DC groups active in about a dozen churches outside of Louisville. And in Louisville, in addition to Southeast, three other churches are running it (Crestwood Baptist, Westport Road Baptist, and Adventure Church).

If you're interested or have questions, drop me a line at dschansb@ius.edu.


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