Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 10 Things I Have in Common with Moses

From my lesson yesterday (in the context of Deuteronomy 34 on the death of Moses-- and a discussion of our transition plans as a Sunday School class after Tonia and I go to the Southern Indiana campus of Southeast Christian later this year)...

10.) I have some friends named Aaron and a former colleague named Miriam.

9.) When I was two years old, my parents put me in a cardboard box in the Ohio River. I was found by (Louisville mayor) Jerry Abramson’s daughter and raised by his family.

8.) I have killed four men with my bare hands.

7.) At our first Light (Sunday School) class Halloween party, I dressed up like a guy who had just woken up, but everybody thought I had dressed up as Moses.

6.) I’ve eaten breakfast four or five times at the Burning Bush in Gatlinburg.

5.) I’m not so good with a staff, but am pretty good with chalk and dry erase markers.

4.) Like Moses, I have been active in critiquing the State, but have not been nearly as effective in achieving Justice.

3.) Moses led two million people over 40 years and faced frequent grumbling. I’ve been privileged to lead about 50 couples over eight years in Abundant Life (our class/community's name) and faced occasional snorting for laughter.

2.) For Moses, 40 years as a shepherd wandering in the Wilderness. For me, 16 years as a professor at IUS and sometimes wandering around in the parking lot looking for my car.

1.) As I have often said about Bob Russell, I am neither as great nor as humble (Numbers 12:3) as Moses.


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