Tuesday, May 13, 2008

humor on current events

Argus Hamilton gets off some comedic bombs today at Jewish World Review...

Teddy Kennedy said Sunday that Hillary Clinton was not in tune with the nobler aspirations of the American people. It's the new family line. The Kennedy men have stayed on the high road ever since pepper spray was invented to make it a fair fight.

Frank Sinatra adorns the first-class stamp as the Postal Service salutes Old Blue Eyes. He would no longer like that nickname. In today's world any Democrat who was old and blue-eyed would be stigmatized as a Hillary supporter with no rhythm.

Barack Obama's Mideast advisor Robert Malley resigned Friday after reports that he met with Hamas as part of his think-tank job. It's important for Obama to understand them. They are the only group in the world outside of the Clintons who will stop at nothing.

Roger Clemens was excluded from the U.S. Olympic baseball team Friday by general manager Bob Watson. There's more evidence that he's done steroids. The prom tuxedo he rented last week is six sizes larger than the prom tuxedo he rented ten years ago.


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