Monday, July 14, 2008

Dems mess with Reps to hide hypocrisy and doggy-paddling policies

The Indiana Democratic party is firing back at Sodrel and two other Republicans who are going to ANWR to try to underline their policy preferences.

There is much to commend in the press release.

But Dan Parker, the chair of the party who is quoted in the release, says: "I find it bizarre that these three would choose to travel 3,500 miles to discuss energy policy with Big Oil rather than have an open discussion with voters in Indiana."

I'm with you Dan. But I also find it bizarre that Baron Hill would *repeatedly* demand a debate on gas prices in May 2006 and then refuse to have the same open discussion about the same topic in the summer of 2008 with voters in Indiana.

For some reason, the Dems are content to offer noise and froth instead of policies that will actually make a significant difference-- when the well-being of the working poor and the middle class is being hammered by higher gas and food prices. So much for helping "the common man" and the "little guy". If only the Dems would live up to that reputation!


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