Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pelosi deflecting blame on those rising gas prices

A great posting by HoosierPundit with a second-hand hat-tip to Blue Grass, Red State and Pelosi's blog...

The last/red column points to a higher price of oil-- when Bush has been President (yes) AND the Dems have controlled Congress.

But as HP points out, the graph itself is "highly misleading":

The chart lines halt at $100, yet the bar for 2008 essentially goes that far and no higher.

The bar for 2007 is 178 pixels high in that image (about 2.48 pixels per dollar in the price of gasoline).

The bar for 2008 is only 251 pixels high.

In order for it to be the proper size in proportion to the rest of the graph, it would need to be about 333 pixels high (another 33% higher, actually).

So the real graph should actually look like this:

HP concludes:

Oil prices have gone up more in the past seven months under the Democrat Congress than they went up in the prior seven years of the Bush administration (six of which saw the Republicans controlling Congress).

It seems clear to me that the graph should actually be entitled: "Democrat Energy Plan Fails America - Oil Prices Skyrocket Under Democrat Congress."

True, but Bush and the GOP Congresses in 2001-2006 share the blame as well-- both directly and indirectly.

Directly: The spending and debt policies of the GOP led to a devalued dollar over the last six years-- increasing the price of oil and thus, gas. (This has since been exacerbated somewhat by the Dems along with a lame-duck president.)

Indirectly: The GOP being Dem-like yahoos on spending led to their being booted from Congressional control in 2006. Thanks to the GOP lack of principle on fiscal matters-- and our on-going efforts in Iraq-- we've had to live with Dem control the last two years.


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