Sunday, October 26, 2008

C.S. Lewis quote-of-the-week

Lewis talks divorce here-- and it's a great comment-- but it applies to a wide range of topics.

“…for an ordinary layman, the thing to notice is that Churches all agree with one another about marriage a great deal more than any of them agrees with the outside world…All regard divorce as something like cutting up a living body, as a kind of surgical operation. Some of them think the operation so violent that it cannot be done at all; others admit it as a desperate remedy in extreme cases. They are all agreed that it is more like having both your legs cut off than it is like dissolving a business partnership or even deserting a regiment. What they all disagree with is the modern view that it is a simple readjustment of partners, to be made whenever people feel they are no longer in love with one another…”

--Mere Christianity, book 3, ch. 6


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