Monday, December 15, 2008

Bloomington Planned Parenthood in the news

First, it was the Christmas gift certificates the Bloomington PP made available. The gift certificates could be used to purchase "birth control services", which presumably includes abortion.

Hey, what could be more appropriate for celebrating the birth of The Child-- than making it easier for people to kill a child?!

Then, it was the recent stink over video of a PP nurse's willingness to break the law and otherwise act immorally-- in her dealings with an actress posing as a 13-year old. The nurse advises her that she can get an abortion in Illinois without parental consent and encourages the girl to avoid telling people about the age of the father.

The video shows the nurse instructing the girl about how to cover up sexual relations with a 31-year old man. The girl in the video was Lila Rose, a 20-year old UCLA student and president of Live Action Films. (Live Action will release another video at midnight tonight. Click here to register for their Facebook event. Hat tip: Hoosier Access.)

From the AP article in the C-J, we learn that the "health-center aide" was fired.

As Scott Tibbs notes, it is scandalous to take money from people and give it to groups like Planned Parenthood. His focus is on the local level (the Bloomington City Council).

My emphasis has been to critique such wealth redistribution at the federal level-- where most Republicans have been complicit. After I raised the issue in 2006, thankfully, Mike Pence started a movement to get rid of the funding in 2007 (unfortunately, after the GOP had lost power).


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