Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Churchill and Gandhi

From Marvin Olasky's pseudo-review in World of Arthur Herman's Gandhi & Churchill (the essay reads to me like a combination of Herman's work and Olasky's prior knowledge of these two great figures)...

Winston Churchill, an almost unstoppable force with a faith in power. Mahatma Gandhi, an almost immovable object with a faith in nonviolent resistance....two men who encountered sensational success and frequent failure, but always came back for more of each.

Strikingly, both Gandhi and Churchill had concern for the poor that left them opposed from different directions to the rising tide of the early 20th century, Marxism....Gandhi also found that ground-level facts were stubborn things...Their own children were disasters: Two of Churchill's three weer alcoholics and his other suffered a nervous breakdown; Gandhi generally neglected his children, the oldest of whom became an alcoholic....

One final comparison...

Churchill had a despondent old age, and the last year of Gandhi's life was filled with torment....as what Churchill had predicted-- that a precipitous pullout of British troops from India would leave Hindus and Muslims killing each other-- came to pass.


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