Monday, December 29, 2008

Despereaux and mercy over justice

From World, a interview (with Rebecca Cusey) of sorts with Gary Ross--director of The Tale of Despereaux (as well as Seabiscuit, Pleasantville, Dave and Big)-- following her review of Ross latest movie...

This sounds like a good movie too! Has anyone seen it and care to comment?

The characters in Despereaux wound each other in serious ways, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, but are all transformed by forgiveness. "These people had wounded or hurt other people or had transgressed in a way that was holding them back in their own lives," said Ross, "and only through being forgiven and forgiving could they free themselves from that."...

Light is a powerful symbol in the film, causing yearning in some characters and terror in others. "Light is knowledge, wisdom, full understanding, not keeping yourself in the darkness...There's almost a kind of nakedness when one stands out in the light that one is revealed fully at the same time you're able to take the world in," Ross said.

Cusey closes by noting that "Ross sees these themes in secular terms, and he said he was proud to make a family movie that would be thought-provoking to people of faith and also touch a wider audience."


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