Thursday, December 18, 2008

guest post: The Gift of Abortions for Christmas?

This is a first: I'm going to "publish" the first piece by someone other than me.

This is a favorite topic of mine-- and one that I've written on recently.

The author is Kelly Kilpatrick. S
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The Gift of Abortions for Christmas?

I was flabbergasted when I saw that Planned Parenthood of Indiana was making gift certificates available for people to buy for Christmas giving. This is bizarre on so many levels. Why would anyone choose this as a gift for any woman they claimed to care about?

The gift certificates were an ill-conceived attempt to "help" women who are "uninsured or unemployed" but the real problem is what the gift cards will be used for by the recipients. Abortion is one of the top services provided by Planned Parenthood and the gift certificate is redeemable for any of the clinic's services. It's not rocket science.

This comes on the heels of Friday's Kansas Supreme Court ruling (from Fox News) during which Johnson County District Attorney Phillip Kline was sanctioned for his actions:

"The Supreme Court ruled in a dispute over Kline's possession of medical records from patients at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park. Kline, an anti-abortion Republican, obtained edited copies of the records as attorney general in 2003-07 but didn't file charges against the clinic until after leaving the state job and becoming Johnson County's prosecutor."

Kline may lose his license over this but the prosecution of the abortion clinic will most likely go forward.

"Planned Parenthoods said abortions were not the intention of offering gift certificates. 'They're really intended for preventative health care,' said Struben-Hall, [a Planned Parenthood representative]. 'We decided not to put restrictions on the gift certificates, so it's for whatever people feel they need the services for most. Planned Parenthood of Indiana said it plans to offer the certificates year-round. So far, the certificates are not being offered in Ohio."

So, I can't help but wonder again how a gift such as this has anything to do with celebrating Christ's birth? And this "nonprofit," as we know, receives approximately $300M of the state's tax dollars each year?

In these tough economic times (or in more prosperous times), this is NOT an organization to whom I want any government funding provided. It's not reasonable to expect any longer and this last stunt just illustrates how far off the deep end Planned Parenthood has gone to further its agenda.


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