Friday, January 9, 2009

has anyone seen Doubt yet?

Rebecca Cusey liked it. (And it sounds very good to me!)

From her review in World...

She describes it as "brilliantly acted, especially by Streep", a "riveting film" which "contains profound reflections on faith", and "an excellent big-screen adaptation of a Broadway play by John Patrick Shanley". The movie has three familiar figures: "a kind Catholic priest, a harsh intolerant nun, and a trusting young nun".

But against the stereotype-- often in our minds, and at least in film...

...these characters are challenged and developed so richly that, by the end, the audience doubts its initial impressions. The priest's kindness may be merely a sinister front. The nun's inflexibility is revealed as, perhaps, compassion in action. And the young nun's trust is traded for something more complex: the beginnings of understanding of human nature.


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