Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Islam vs. Judiasm/Christianity on the Sabbath

From Richard John Neuhaus in First Things:

The Sabbath commandment of Exodus 20 is quite explicit that, as God rested on the seventh day, so also his people, including their servants, strangers in the land, and even the cattle should have a day of rest. “This,” writes Rémi Brague, professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne, “is the social dimension of the Sabbath, which became the thin wedge whereby ancient societies were opened to the pursuit of liberty.” God steps back, as it were, allowing his creatures the freedom of their nature....

Interestingly, the Koran, which repeatedly praises God’s creative activity, does not mention the rest of the seventh day. As a consequence, it does not contain any law on sabbatical rest.

...a suggestive way of thinking about the difference between a religion of submission (the meaning of the word Islam) and a religion of freedom, the latter being rightly ordered according to the nature of God’s creation.


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