Tuesday, January 6, 2009

life, education and ultrasound

News from Lauren Weber with the Toledo Blade (hat tip: Touchstone) about "Truth Booths" in Cleveland and Toledo.

Laura Moore paused yesterday as she walked through Westfield Franklin Park, stopping briefly at a kiosk in the center of the mall to watch images of a developing fetus scroll across a television....The kiosk, small and unassuming, replayed ultrasound images starting with a 7-week-old embryo and progressing to the baby’s birth. Small booklets chronicling the 40 weeks of pregnancy sat below....

The booth, which sits in a center aisle across from Zales Jewelers and Lindt Chocolate, is sponsored by Foundation for Life, a nonprofit organization in Toledo.

Paige Scarlett, development director with Foundation for Life, said the kiosk is meant to be educational, not controversial. The aim of the project is to show people what happens inside a womb during pregnancy, she said....

The kiosk is unmanned because the group doesn’t want people to feel pressured or threatened.

“It speaks for itself,” Ms. Scarlett said. “The pictures do the talking....The whole idea is not to have anybody there talking or pushing an agenda. It’s just a matter of providing that information to the public in a way that’s not threatening.”

It will cost the organization between $25,000 and $30,000, paid for through donations, to rent the kiosk from the mall for a year, Ms. Scarlett said....


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