Saturday, January 10, 2009

a sign of the educational apocalype

From the editorialists at the WSJ...

This month 3,700 recent college grads will begin Teach for America's five-week boot camp, before heading off for two-year stints at the nation's worst public schools. These young men and women were chosen from almost 25,000 applicants, hailing from our most selective colleges. Eleven per cent of Yale's senior class, 9% of Harvard's and 10% of Georgetown's applied for a job whose salary ranges from $25,000 (in rural South Dakota) to $44,000 (in New York City)....

What's going on? ...something even better than money – the chance to avoid the vast education bureaucracy....If they took the traditional route into teaching, they would have to endure years of "education" courses to be certified....

The results?

...a recent Urban Institute study [reported]: "On average, high school students taught by TFA corps members performed significantly better..."


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