Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some great 2008 quotes from sports

From the C-J...

U of L guard Edgar Sosa, describing Pitino's performance on the flight home from a 69-67 loss at Connecticut: "He kept pacing up and down the aisle, never sitting down, telling people about the bad shots they took. I finally pretended I was asleep."

NFL Players Association chief Gene Upshaw, on the possibility of testing for human growth hormone: "When that test is developed, we really believe it should be a urine test. No one is interested in a blood test. We've got a lot of big tough guys, but they don't even like to be pricked on the finger to give blood."

New York Giants center Shaun O'Hara, on offensive lineman Grey Ruegamer: "He keeps all of his toenail clippings and callus shavings all season long in a cup, and if anybody wrongs him and he deems it necessary, he will dump that cup in a personal belonging of theirs. He's known for that."

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, when asked if he knew how long Kevin Garnett's strained abdominal muscle would keep him out of action: "You know Doc's a nickname, correct?"

Golfer Sergio Garcia, contending that Tiger Woods was the man to beat in the U.S. Open even though he was coming off knee surgery: "It's like Big Brown with a (hoof) crack. He was still the favorite." After being reminded that Big Brown finished ninth and last in the Belmont Stakes: "Still a top 10."

Former Duke basketball star and Big Blue killer Christian Laettner: "I've driven through Kentucky a few times, and boy, I'm really scared the whole time I'm on the road. I do not stop anywhere in Kentucky. I'll urinate in a plastic bottle."

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, after throwing a block that took out two defenders to spring Julius Jones for a touchdown: "It wasn't that big of a deal. It was a little bit like bowling. You get one pin and the other one goes down, and you act like you did it on purpose."

Retired NFL official Jim Tunney, claiming that he received the highest score ever on the referees' entrance exam: "I got 98 out of 100 right. The only two things I failed were eyesight and judgment."

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, explaining why he decided not to take his players on a tour of the historic mansions -- such as the Vanderbilts' 70-room "cottage" -- near the team's training camp in Newport, R.I.: "For some of my players, their mansions might be bigger. They might not be impressed."


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