Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hoosiers, Hazlitt and federalism

From IPR's Craig Ladwig by way of Larry Reed from the Mackinac Center and FEE, a wonderful reference to Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson-- and the illusions of anti-federalism (taking away power and resources from the states and locals)...

"Indiana needs no guardian and intends to have none. We Hoosiers — like the people of our sister states — were fooled for quite a spell with the magician’s trick that a dollar taxed out of our pockets and sent to Washington will be bigger when it comes back to us. We have taken a good look at said dollar. We find that it lost weight in its journey to Washington and back. The political brokerage of the bureaucrats has been deducted. We have decided that there is no such thing as ‘federal’ aid. We know that there is no wealth to tax that is not already within the boundaries of the 48 states. So we propose henceforward to tax ourselves and take care of ourselves. We are fed up with subsidies, doles and paternalism. We are no one’s stepchild. We have grown up. We serve notice that we will resist Washington, D.C. adopting us."

— House Concurrent Resolution No. 2 of the 85th General Assembly of the State of Indiana, passed by the House and Senate in January 1947.


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