Saturday, March 21, 2009

choice for cheaper (or anti-choice for more money)?

A great idea from Joel Belz in World... absurd it is to fret about the possibility of nationalized banks, nationalized auto manufacturers, nationalized health care...when we long ago nationalized the educational systems that shape the worldview of 90 percent of all Americans.

Why should anyone be even the tiniest bit surprised if people who have been taught [within a statist system] should end up with statist ideas and values?...

What if we could demonstrate that saying goodbye to statist education would save the public profound amounts of money—and produce a more educated public at the same time?...

A $500 billion budget item is no trifling matter. It offers huge possibilities for savings. A measly 1 percent cut amounts to $5 billion!

So why not make an offer to 10 percent of America's publicly educated students—that's 4.5 million children—to take a $6,000 annual buyout to choose a non-public school that they like?...Or, to make it really palatable to the bureaucracy, offer just $5,000 to the student—and a $1,000 bonus to the public school that now has no obligation to spend a single penny on said student!...


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