Monday, March 23, 2009

"the conclusion of the matter"

Last weekend, Dave had an effective sermon to wrap up Southeast's series on Ecclesiastes...

A few nuggets:

1.) It's interesting that the ending is so abrupt/succinct: 2 verses after 220 verses on Solomon's failures and the vanities of life.

2.) Dave told a story about Dwight L. Moody who told his wife one night that there had been "three and a half decisions for the Lord". His wife asked if this meant three adults and one child. Paraphrasing, Moody replied: "No, three children and one adult. The adult only has half of a life left." Dave referred to Eccl 12:1 and exhorted the audience to "remember their Creator in the days of their youth".

3.) Dave's summary of the text:
Live life for the right person; fear God (Mt 10:28).
Live life by the right standards; keep His commands (Ps 119:129, 1:2).
Live life with the right focus; He will judge all (Rom 8:1, 14:11-12).


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