Thursday, March 12, 2009

if a "Green" bus operates and no one rides it, is that good for the environment?

It's certainly not good for the economy...

News today that TARC will receive additional subsidies-- this time from the federal government, in the name of improving the environment and of course, creating jobs.

Here's Sheldon Shafer in the C-J...

TARC is getting a $17.7 million boost from the massive federal stimulus package to help it go green -- creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

You can create jobs with this-- and I don't mind you mentioning that. But how about the cost to create those jobs? You cannot take money from some and give it to others-- and create net economic activity. If you could, why stop at $17.7 million?!

The money will buy the Transit Authority of River City 10 hybrid buses and build a maintenance annex behind Union Station featuring solar heat, recycled water and roof vegetation.


Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Abramson, said the city has tried for years to get money to replace the lead pipes....

Uhhh..."tried for years to get the money"? Not quite! Louisville is quite capable of taxing its own people and putting it in the budget. What Mr. Poynter means is that Louisville didn't think it was important enough to pay for its own pipes. But it's ok if the children of people in Vermont pay for it.


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