Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Louisville gets more stimulus; violations of quaint U.S. Constitution continue

First, Indiana; now, for Louisville-- from Dan Klepal in the C-J...

Louisville's second federal stimulus boost in two weeks will give the city nearly $15 million to create hiking and biking trails, resurface 70 miles of streets, and build and repair sidewalks throughout the county.

Mayor Jerry Abramson said yesterday that the projects will create 1,300 jobs.

The money also will help fill a gap in the city's budget for road resurfacing, which he cut by $1.4 million to help deal with a $20 million deficit this fiscal year....The city will devote $7.4 million to sidewalks and $5.5 million to road resurfacing. The rest will go for the trails....

Last week, the Transit Authority of River City announced that it will get $17.7 million in stimulus money to buy 10 hybrid buses and build an environmentally friendly maintenance annex....

Other infrastructure projects will target local parks to the tune of $2.3 million. It's great to have people in Iowa paying for our local parks-- when we don't have the guts and ethics to pay for our own.


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