Thursday, March 19, 2009

Neil Diamond, ticket scalper

Not only is his music bad, but horror of all horrors, he's a ticket scalper! Ooohhhh....

From Ethan Smith in the WSJ...

Less than a minute after tickets for last August's Neil Diamond concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden went on sale, more than 100 seats were available for hundreds of dollars more than their normal face value on premium-ticket site The seller? Neil Diamond.

Ticket reselling -- also known as scalping -- is an estimated $3 billion-a-year business in which professional brokers buy seats with the hope of flipping them to the public at a hefty markup.

In the case of the Neil Diamond concerts, however, the source of the higher-priced tickets was the singer, working with Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc., which owns TicketExchange...


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