Monday, March 23, 2009

variation on an old theme

There's an old joke among those who are prone to see government as more of a problem than a solution. We like "gridlock" because this means that the government is not doing stuff to us and to others.

Here's a new application: There has been a lot of focus on Obama's portrayal of himself as Everyman and Superman-- interested in the things of the common man and able to master or at least dabble in an amazingly wide array of activities. In recent days, we've seen his focus on NCAA basketball, pop culture (through Jay Leno), and gardening. In the realm of public policy, he seems to daily flit with ease from one topic to another.

I admire both the Common man and Renaissance man in Obama. I'll take that combo over a president who doesn't know the price of a loaf of bread or has narrow interests. Beyond that, given scarce resources, it must mean that he's devoting less energy to governance. On net, that's probably a very good thing.


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