Thursday, April 2, 2009

more evidence that smaller cities are surviving the recession relatively well

From Dan Fitzpatrick in the WSJ...

[the georgraphy of risk]

Consumer-lending activity has increased in numerous midsize cities in the U.S., a sign they are riding out the recession better than big cities and rural towns, an analysis of credit data shows.

As banks pull back on risk taking across the nation, consumer-loan balances in places like Huntsville, Ala., are rising....

During the economic crisis, the banking industry has been criticized for not lending enough, contributing to the slowdown in economic activity. The data show that in some places, banks feel comfortable enough about local economies to lend more to consumers. Across parts of California, Florida and Michigan, on the other hand, consumer-credit balances have been falling, the data indicate....

[u.s. lending bright spots]


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