Friday, August 7, 2009

the mixed bag of technology for promoting/discouraging abortion

From Sarah Pulliam in CT...

Ultrasounds changed the face of the pro-life movement. Now, supporters are concerned that new sex-prediction technology might encourage more abortions.

Drugstores recently began selling a new prediction test that tells pregnant women whether they are carrying a boy or a girl only 10 weeks after conception. IntelliGender, which created the Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test, boasts of an 82 percent accuracy rate.

"These tests can serve to reinforce someone's ability to say that girls are less valuable," said Joe Young, vice president of Heartbeat International. "When they have a sense that males are more valuable than females, it hurts a culture of life."

Recently released census data suggest that sex prediction is already having an impact. The ratio of boys to girls born in the U.S. is 1.05 to 1, but slightly higher (1.17) among Asian Americans. In cases where the first two children in an Asian American family were girls, among third children boys outnumbered girls by 50 percent....

I had blogged on the American data earlier-- and the prevalence of India and China's sex-selection abortion as well.


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