Monday, September 21, 2009

two movies to check out: Up and Flywheel

Two nice movies:

Up is a funny, animated, recent release. (Funniest running joke? Squirrels!) It has a strong pro-family message. Even more impressive is how the movie underlines the beauty and power of simple and enduring commitment-- not just within marriage, but to one's word and to doing the right thing.

Flywheel is the first of the trilogy of movies produced by the fine folk at Sherwood Baptist Church. (Facing the Giants is relatively well-known and a nice sports movie with a Christian backdrop. Fireproof is, by far, the most famous of the three-- a huge movie on fighting for one's marriage.) It was very low-budget-- only $20,000. Not expecting much, I was blown away by the quality. Beyond that, the story line and punchlines are excellent. Check it out!


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