Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama bans E.J. Dionne from the White House

Well, he ought to be banned-- if Obama is going to chastise Fox.

David Broder got it right (also in the
C-J)-- and even the C-J editorialists gave an accurate representation ("GOP's Good Day"). Dems should be worried. But the GOP is not necessarily producing a great alternative and is prone to at least some troubles with civil war.

But Dionne is hopelessly biased or needs to step outside and throw his crack pipe as far away as possible. Check out this drivel from Dionne on the election results from Tuesday (hat tip: C-J).

Tuesday's elections were a rebuke to the right wing and a warning to Democrats.

They were also a timely reminder that President Obama needs to tune up his celebrated political organization and find a way to make Americans feel hopeful again.

The night's biggest loser was the national conservative political machine — the wealthy tax-cutters at the Club for Growth and the Palin-Limbaugh-Beck complex. The Beltway Right shoved aside local Republicans in an upstate New York congressional race, imposed their own candidate...and went down in a heap....

That is the fact from this week that Democrats would be fools to ignore. It's not a resurgent right wing that should trouble Obama's party. Indeed, the stronger the right's role in shaping the Republican message, the harder it will be for middle-of-the-road voters to use the Republicans to express their discontent. But for the moment, the thrill is gone from politics, and that is very dangerous for the mainstream progressive movement that Obama promised to build.


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