Monday, December 21, 2009

celebrating the Ogle Center

From Dale Moss in the C-J...

[Kyle Ridout, the Ogle director] will figure it out. He has, ever deftly, since the center opened 14 years ago. It was added to provide Southern Indiana its best outlet for culture and IUS a higher regional profile. Success would involve adults enjoying new experiences and bumping into old friends. Children, too, would have fun and be impressed by the burgeoning campus at the foot of the knobs.

As expected, success did not come overnight. But it's come. Some 35,000 people — most from Southern Indiana but not all — will attend at least one show this season. The center will pay for itself or come close, despite the balky economy....

Support grew but only eventually outgrew debt. Five years in, the center was nearly $300,000 in the hole. It wedged itself steadily into the already-crowded metro Louisville arts scene by learning a niche that includes shows for students on field trips. Ridout expects 17,000 youngsters this year, all entertained for free thanks to sponsors....


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