Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dave with the usual, great sermon on money at Southeast

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The primary text was Matthew 6:19-24 with three questions:
-Where is my storehouse? (6:19-21)
-What is my focus? (6:22-23)
-Who is my master? (6:24)

Another key passage: the most commonly misquoted verse (I Tim 6:10) and a huge verse on wealth and giving (I Tim 6:17-19).

If you're going to listen to an excerpt, pick up minutes 16-19 where Dave is rough but compelling on the absolute need to give if you are a member of any given church-- as biblically commanded and logically required. (His conclusion on "Black Friday" is interesting too-- starting at 33:30.)


-If you share in the benefits of the church; share in its responsibilities.

-It's not about your relation to the church, but your relation to God.

-If you don't trust an organization, don't get involved and don't give money. But "have the integrity to leave this church...rather than continuing to come and withhold your gifts. How hypocritical to call this 'your church' but not to freely and cheerfully give to this church." Wow!


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