Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jeff/NA News-Tribune's overview of the 9th District race

A nice article from Daniel Suddeath in the Jeff/NA News-Tribune...

Republican Mike Sodrel’s bid to represent his party in the Indiana 9th District congressional race won’t be as easy as 2008.

The New Albany native was unchallenged and walked away with a primary victory that year. Sodrel would ultimately be defeated [by 20%] by Rep. Baron Hill in the general election.

This May, Sodrel is being challenged by Todd Young, Travis Hankins and Rick Warren for the Republican slot....

As of March 31, Young had raised more than $456,000...Sodrel reported raising $194,727, and Hankins $181,319.

Young credits his fundraising to his appeal to conservatives that want a new candidate....But Hankins maintained he’s the only real conservative in the primary.

“Others use conservative rhetoric, but I offer conservative substance,” Hankins said....

Hankins, Sodrel and Young do agree on the tone of the voters they’ve encountered while stumping across the 9th District. “People are sick of politics and politicians and are ready for principled leadership,” Hankins said. Young said he was surprised by the frustration expressed by some of the people he met. “They’re exhausted with the same old political lip service they’re getting from really both parties in recent years,” he said....


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