Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more (of the beginning of) trouble for state and local budgets

First, New Albany closes four schools-- and now Harrison County feels the pinch.

This will probably continue to get worse over the next few years of Obamanomics.

From Grace Schneider in the C-J...

The South Harrison school district intends to cut 14 teaching positions from its rolls, but it remained unclear Tuesday how many teachers will lose their jobs this fall...It’s the first reduction in force at South Harrison schools in nearly two decades....six teachers will be shifted to newly opened positions – but eight others are due for layoffs unless other positions become available...

Superintendent Neyland Clark has estimated that the $300 million statewide cut in aid to Indiana public schools this year means slashing $849,000 in South Harrison through next school year. The board voted April 6 to lay off 14 teachers, targeting areas that administrators said are experiencing declining enrollment.

The eight net layoffs include two general elementary positions, three in special education, two in physical education and a librarian....


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