Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young "fact-checks" Sodrel from the debate

I blogged on the debate-- and alluded to these points in that post.

There are other angles to pursue on this. But Young has responded with an email blast to "fact-check" Sodrel's defense to attacks on his record during the debate.

Mike Sodrel claims that he never advocated a socialized takeover of healthcare.

Mike Sodrel supported the Romney Care model in Massachusetts, a government mandate that requires people to purchase health insurance.

Mike Sodrel tells us that deficit went down both years he was in Congress.

THE FACTS: Mike Sodrel repeatedly voted (2005, 2006) to increase the deficit, he supported increased federal spending both years he was in Congress, and he added $1.12 trillion to the debt in 2 years. Sodrel's spending while in Congress translates to $14,500 of future taxes for every family in America. The Heritage Foundation released a report that "One hundred percent of the budget deficit's decline [from 2005 to 2006] was caused by revenue increases, and none by spending cuts."

Mike Sodrel claims to have been a fiscal conservative in Washington.

THE FACTS: Mike Sodrel voted for nearly 14,000 earmarks in 2005, his first year in office. That's more earmarks than Congress passed during the entire 1990s.

Bottom line: If you want a fiscal conservative, Sodrel is not an option. Choose Young-- or better yet, Hankins.


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