Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Bootleggers and Baptists" on Alcohol and Global Warming

Bruce Yandle in CATO with recent reflections on his classic article, Bootleggers and Baptists...

Here is the essence of the theory: durable social regulation evolves when it is demanded by both of two distinctly different groups.

“Baptists” point to the moral high ground and give vital and vocal endorsement of laudable public benefits promised by a desired regulation. Baptists flourish when their moral message forms a visible foundation for political action.

“Bootleggers” are much less visible but no less vital. Bootleggers, who expect to profit from the very regulatory restrictions desired by Baptists, grease the political machinery with some of their expected proceeds. They are simply in it for the money.

The theory’s name draws on colorful tales of states’ efforts to regulate alcoholic beverages by banning Sunday sales at legal outlets....

From there, he applies the theory to the pursuit of public policy on the environment and global warming... Enjoy!


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