Saturday, May 8, 2010

what do rain, fish, and bingo have in common?

From News of the Weird, which contains (perhaps) a surprising amount of public policy-- here, two beauties from state legislatures in Utah and Tennessee, and one from law enforcement in Alabama:

Tackling the Big Issues: The Utah legislature passed a bill in March to, for the first time, legalize the personal collection of rainwater. "Harvesting" rain has been illegal, but now would be allowed, with a state permit, in special state-approved containers. [KIFI-TV (Idaho Falls)-AP, 3-3-10]

The Tennessee legislature is considering removing a longstanding ban on fish tanks in barbershops. Currently, no "animals, birds or fish" (except guide dogs) are permitted where hair is cut. Opponents said they don't mind aquariums but fear that trendy pedicures by nibbling fish (now in New York and Los Angeles salons) might come to Tennessee. [The Tennessean-AP, 2-24-10]

On Jan. 29, more than 200 Alabama state troopers were amassed at 4 a.m. for the purpose of raiding several illegal bingo parlors. The raids were eventually called off, but a University of Alabama professor estimated the staging cost to the budget-shriveled state at $130,000. Said a spokesman for Gov. Bob Riley, "No matter what it costs, the law must be enforced." [Birmingham News-AP, 1-29-10]


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